The Power of Sex and how to wield it black cover


I’m not the author of this book I was asked to read it and write a review on this it. I find it very interesting. It is not wholly an erotica book. But it does contain some erotica elements. The information within it would be useful for today’s dating agenda. The rules of dating have changed drastically in the past twenty years.  It talks about the pitfalls of modern dating and relationships. Domestic violence, and a whole array of social issues.  

Ms. Collins talks about how the latter-day women has been mentally conditioned to expect nothing from a relationship but sex. I must agree with her that this may work glorious to the man’s advantage in a relationship but not for the woman’s.  

 I especially find enlightening in explaining how throughout history that quality of a woman’s life, how well she lived was/is solely based on her relationship to a man she’s having sex with. That very little have changed in this aspect.  The book goes into great depths in explaining the history of how sex and women has been used as bargaining chip throughout human history and mostly women have been like pawn pieces.

    She calls the mental condition of submissiveness a form of mental bondage that society has conditioned daughters to accept starting from infancy. Stating it has nothing to do with love but all about male dominance. That we see it everywhere in magazines, newspapers, novels.

    She talks about how the Misogynistic attitude toward women accounts for the lucrative sex slave market still striving in many parts of the world.

   The book talks about how we are all sexually coaxed and manipulated by ads, movies, and advertisements, etc. There’s’ no real escaping it in the modern world.  How we unconsciously make decisions to buy items simply because the model exhibiting them are attractive.

It also talks about building confidence in young woman and girls. I would say it is a must read for any young woman or late teen in the dating world.  Some may view it as callous when she encouraged women to learn to think with their mind and not so much their heart. That getting involved with the wrong person can destroy your life to the point you may never recover. Homeless shelters, the streets, prisons and graveyards are fill of such women.

One thing caught my attention was when she talked about there’s a caste system even in relationships. She said that among the rich the women are still encouraged to select a mate based upon his potentials while the poor are encouraged accept less suitable mates and hope for the best and give non-stop support even unto the point of many case it’s dangerous to do so. And are often berated if she refuses to do so.

For a debut literary work. I find it encouraging and engaging to teach women how to look out for their own interest.  I have read some like this but they were a little too unrealistic to be speaking of dealing with the real world. Ms. Collins is talking to the average woman not someone pulling in a six figure a year income.